Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let's go farming!

Greetings and salacious apologies. Does everyone who starts a blog think they'll be pumping the web with awesome stuff from their brain every single day, only to realize by the second post that it just, it just doesn't happen, and they can't figure out why? "I should get an album up every day," I thought - "...maybe miss a day once in a while, but...".
Okay! Here I was all set to offer up Joel Cowan's 'Songs Heard through a Keyhole', but I looked in the folder I had just copied the album to from Adobe Audition, and it was just all blank n stuff. No, wait, no stuff at all. So I wasn't about to do the LP again right away and I know you're all sitting there thinking, "That bastard. He is just not dedicated to this cause. Is there no one around anymore who cares enough to struggle for what they believe in, no matter how miniscule and pissant the return is?".
How far off was I? Pretty close I bet.
The answer to that is farmers. I flet bad about not having anything up. And my friends can tell you how I feel about fletting. So here's a thing from 1975, from the John Deere company, giving their bread 'n butter a shot in the hoe so maybe American food corporations might put down their binoculars, turn away from the sea and towards the heartland, and say, "HEY!! Look! There's food right there! WTF, buddy! Dude... Let's start selling THIS shit instead!", and more farmer's could then have more cash to head down to John Deere and buy caps and overalls.

Download here:
The Great American Farmer

And now, adieu, as I won't be posting til I get another computer, one that isn't a 2003 Sony Vaio w/XP and a paltry 1Gb of RAM and doesn't make me wish I was being eviscerated with a rusty pen-knife in the hands of some Joan Rivers lookalike rather than wait the precious minutes for the uploading of every damn thing I do to take forever (which is minutes). Sure I could calmly read a book kept handily at my side for just such instances, but laughing under my breath at the demons that are obviously in charge of the ubiquitous "(not responding)" message as insanity licks away at my psyche like so much delicious Haagen-Dasz ice cream seems more satsfying.
Should be within a week, which is shorter than without me getting a new PC.