Sunday, December 13, 2015

Personal Angst and Re-upping Files! Also, they're all back up!!

Well, I was recently alerted that some files were no longer accessible for download and came on to re-up them, but it seems that my host, "ADrive", is going all-pay as of 2016, right on Jan. 1st! I'm not the most well-paid person, or even the brightest thing when it comes to finances, so a subscription to some file-thingie-whatever site is beyond me. However, MediaFire seems to still be free, so I'll re-load everything up there, hopefully soon. I know! When something's unavailable that I totally want on some blog, I can't help but go on a rampage while screaming, "WHY CAN'T THEY JUST TAKE 20 MINUTES TO blah blah something", I forget what I scream since I pass out from all the blood raging through my head, and then I'm sad. My present woes are legitimate, though; recently evicted and having just moved into the new, much smaller place with the adventurous discovery of a few cockroaches and my cat not eating/drinking, throwing up bile and losing weight from the stress of unfamiliarity has my concerns focused regrettably elsewhere. So all I can say is, bookmark this thing (or get notices? does this do that?) and hopefully my little cat will get acclimated soon, I'll be free of all these damn boxes laying around and I can get all this forgotten strangeness to the deserving parties again. And I have a few new things I ripped months ago that got sidelined need to see the light. (I guess telling us in school that - once out of school - the only times that we wouldn't be filled with stress would be when we were either drunk or sleeping was thought of as a bad idea) Cheers and thanks for being here. 
(PS - no, sorry; I don't have the pictured 45 available, it's merely a visual aid interpreting my sadness!)  

(EDIT:Everything has been re-upped! Enjoy!)