Monday, July 5, 2010

Charlie Uber Alles

God how I hate work: spend the first part of the day dreaming about all the whatever you're going to do when you're set free and past the parking lot on the way home, the second part of the shift just trying to retain a hold on that slender thread of sanity that remains, and the idle time at home between getting off work and going back the next morning? So physically and/or mentally exhausted/extinguished that you can hardly muster the drive to even strip the wires for the homemade explosive you've got going for the company's summer party, let alone haul any numbing alcoholic beverage up to your zombified mug in order to wind down smoothly.
With all this in mind I'm going to throw my stupified carcass in the direct line of sunlight streaming into this room (I'd throw it outside but, living in an apartment, I'd be strewn over dying evergreen shrubs and gravel an inch or so from the sidewalk and probably be used as a stoop for a couple local nodders to shoot up on) right after offering up yet another quick 7" over guilty feelings of not posting in quite a while, with no steam left over from the 8-hour corporate chain-gang I mistakenly joined ten years ago to do up a full album complete with research on the brilliant mind/sad, sad freak I'd be honoring.
So here's Charlie. A perfume who's advertising campaign left no mind untrespassed-upon. Shilled by an ex-Charlie's Angel. Charlie. "Charlie's Tune with the new Charlie Beat is HERE." From 1974 (the Year of Charlie). And no, I'm not making any of this Charlie up. Performers? Sung by Charlie's Men.

And click the image to read your own very special ho.. Charliescope.


Muff Diver said...

I've never visited your blog before and to see so many Corporate Adverts in the form of record promos... I love corporate shilling and I'm so glad these links still work!

Thank you for posting these recordings and keeping the links in working order: I'm in Hog Heaven!

Darcy Jansen said...

Thanks!! Hopefully I can scrape together some time to post more stuff soon!