Sunday, May 16, 2010

Voyage into Magic Feeling Sense with Sunshine Bus

We are all wrong.
Some of us, like Hitler (Adolf), are very, very wrong, but the vast majority – while not evil incarnate - are still incredibly wrong and don't know it, don't even suspect it.
But this isn't a blog to point out the ugly bad-wronglyness of the masses: that's readily apparent and neatly summed up in the first empty McDonald's soda cup blowing by your feet (you've got eight articulated points of bad-wrong right there).
This is a blog celebrating the ur-right of the select and profound good-wrong.

A creature rare and magnificent and sometimes uncomfortable with their beauty, the good-wrong is a beast bounding about the wreckage of mainstream society, ducking through an onslaught of upturned noses and disapproving glances and leaping with the grace of a gazelle over snide remarks. Scarred-over superficial wounds from the machine-gun-fire of corporate branding and the occasional run-in with fashion police are present, but this easily-camouflaged uncageable being is relentless in its quest to

We are this animal. So let's run.

The Sunshine Bus seems as good as any place to start. A single album entitled "Voyage Into Magic Feeling Sense" released completely under the DIY ethic (long before the ethic had this annoying acronym) with absolutely no other information available anywhere in the packaging; neither encrypted in the back-cover's sprawling scrawl of beat-hippy-influenced philosimaphizing nor on the self-printed label that reads, “give a natural treat that can't be beat! It's what's happening now, baby....”. I have a friend, however (it's true!) that confirms that the man (of the male/female trade-off occurring on the recording) is from that magic city of Burnaby - birthplace of Michael J. Fox and a big suburban right arm of Vancouver.
And so it remains a mystery. A mystery, wrapped in a... wrapped in a piece of Glad garbage bag and left in the mouth of one of the Chinese dragons at the entrance of that place on East Hastings...
Light it up, inhale & you may find the answer.
And if the persons unknown are still with us: behold, brother - where art thou?!
Your first assignment: EMBRACE YOUR BEING WRONG.
This couple did.

Download here:
Sunshine Side Two


Robert Dayton, Junior said...

Ahhhh yesss, so gladja posted, I always wanted to but don't have tech. You found a copy! I hope that the mystery of this record becomes solved....

P Albert said...

You have the greatest blog ever.